How to Grow Potatoes in Containers

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Here are some tips and tricks to grow those large potatoes in pots and increase your potato yields!

As you harvest your potatoes, you then immediately plant the BIGGEST potato from the harvest, back into the same hole in the pot or container. I do this in spring (March) and in fall (September).

This large potato is the food for your new potato plant, so why plant tiny potatoes?

I add more fresh home made compost mixed together with a little bit of store bought organic compost to the older compost in the pot from before. Add a high phosphorus fertilizer for better root growth, and plant the potatoes directly in that.

To get the most out of your pots that the potatoes are grown in, bury the bottom few inches of the pot into the ground so the roots can grow out into the ground.

Dig a large hole for each potato pot that allows the bottom few inches of each pot to get buried into the earth.

Than I covered the whole area of pots with a thick layer of straw to shield any potatoes that pop out of the soil from the sun.

Remember to water the potatoes well regularly, especially in hot weather, as plants in containers can dry out quickly. Fertilize again with a high phosphorus fertilizer (or bone beal), when you see the plants put on some good growth.

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