How to Disinfect Seedling Supplies

Before you begin planting your seed, it is important to disinfect seedling supplies and plant pots to prevent viruses and/or bacterial infection in your tender seedlings.

Create a warm soapy solution and soak them for a bit. Then use a scrub brush to scrub off any debris that is on them.

To disinfect, you will want to add some bleach to water, in a container that you can soak the pots in.

Scrub the pots inside and out with warm soapy water. Remove all dirt and/or soil remnants from each pot.

If you don't want to use bleach, spray your supplies down fully with an undiluted vinegar such as a distilled white vinegar.

Now that your seedling pots and trays are disinfected, it is time to begin planting your seed, or transplanting your tender seedlings into them.

Instead of scrubbing larger pots clean by hand, I use the hose with a jet spray for most of my pots.

After the pots have been thru the bleaching station, I let them air dry outside in the sun on the driveway.

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