DIY Compost Bin Made from Trash Can

This system using a bin, involves no turning of the pile, that is why it is so easy! Just a simple compost trash can that you can make yourself.

What you need: A heavy duty plastic garbage can or trash can with a lid, a drill, ¼" drill bit and bungee cord.

I usually have 3 cans going at a time: one can I am adding too, one is resting and being turned into compost, and one I am taking compost from and using it in the garden.

With the drill, poke lots of holes all over the garbage can. Including the bottom and the lid. Approximately 8"-10" apart.

Do not set the bin on anything but the actual ground.  You want the bottom of the bin resting on good ol' dirt.

The "Greens" for Your Compost

Collect kitchen scraps such as vegetable and fruit trimmings, egg shells, coffee grounds and tea bags.

Don't include meat, oils or oily things (like butter or fried veggies or oils in general...or mayonnaise) or dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt,  or eggs. These will attract vermin.

The "Browns" for Your Compost

I like to use spent animal bedding, the manure is fantastic for feeding the soil!

When your bucket is full of kitchen scraps, walk on down to where you store your new handy dandy compost bin/trash can. Dump in your kitchen scraps. Add three times that much in brown materials.

Spray with a hose if you want to jumpstart things, getting everything inside good and damp. This will start the magical process of things breaking down in there.

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