How to Use Eggshells in Your Garden

This article will share with you why and how to use eggshells in the garden to improve your soil and benefit your plants!

Most homesteaders have chickens and a vegetable garden, and most homesteaders like to utilize everything they have on hand.

Baking eggshells helps to dry them out fully, especially the membrane inside the egg. Drying out the membrane, allows you to crush up the eggs more easily.

You can throw the baked eggshells in a blender to grind them into a fine dust super quickly. I then store them in a quart size mason jar until I am ready to use them.

You can feed them back to your chickens in place of oyster shell.

Add 1 heaping TBSN of the eggshells along with 1 TBSN of Epsom salts, into the hole I have dug in the pot, or in the ground. Then plant your tomato or pepper plant.

Another easier way to use your eggshells, is to just throw them in your compost.

You can make your own fertilizer to give your plants an extra boost of goodness.

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