How to Plant Onion Seed

Learn how to start onion seed indoors step by step! Starting onions from seed is not difficult at all.

Onion seed is usually the first thing I plant in the dead of winter.  You can winter sow them or use typical seed starting equipment.

Onions that are excellent keeping onions or also called storage onions, are best started by seed as they are unavailable as sets or starts.

Onion seeds are one type of seed that do not store well. So be sure you are using fresh seed.

When you plant onion seed, be sure you are choosing the correct onions for your area, long day for northern areas, short day for southern areas.

Once the plants are mature, it is easy to pull them all apart and they don't mind being snuggled up close.

Trim them regularly. When the plants are flopping over on top of themselves, they don't get as much air circulation which is unhealthy for them and will cause rot.

Keep watering, feeding and trimming them until you are ready to plant out in the garden. This is usually around April 1st

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