Why You Should Grow Blue Jarrahdale Pumpkins

One of my most favorite foods to grow, are the beautiful blue Jarrahdale Pumpkins. Everyone who has a vegetable garden should grow them!

Blue pumpkins... need I say more?

If you are trying to get a lot of bang for your buck in the food department, you need to grow the Jarrahdale Pumpkin.

If you sell at a farmer's market or have a farm stand at the end of your driveway, you can bet these will be top sellers.

By putting some in the freezer that has already been cooked, it than becomes easy to use in everything from pumpkin curry to pumpkin pie and everything in between!

These are not stringy at all, like many pumpkins. They are also super dense, and not watery. Almost creamy.

Use them in pies, smoothies, or cut them up in chunks and roast them and serve as a side for dinner. Use them in curries or soups. Or, roast them.

Easy to grow and provides a LOT of nutritious food! And they store for a long time without any effort.

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