Food Gardening for Beginners

Today we are going to talk about food gardening for beginners, covering all the basics from types of vegetable gardens, to seed starting basics and all my tips to make gardening easy and fun!

Container Gardening

Consider growing some herbs in a window box, or using a few containers to grow a salad garden with lettuce, a cucumber and some cherry tomatoes.

Square Foot Gardening

Because the different crops are so close together in this method, the rules of companion planting really come in to play here.

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening has many many advantages over traditional in the ground gardens. The soil warms faster, drains better and the gardens are easier to access.

Traditional In Ground Garden

Wide row vegetable growing is a concept of growing your vegetables more densely packed together in wide rows, instead of one single long row.

No Till Garden

The idea behind all of these methods, is that you treat the earth, or the soil, as it would be treated naturally. You layer organic matter, and as it decays, it feeds the soil.

Food Forests

Food forests are an excellent way to grow more food. They include fruit and nut trees, berry bushes and more.

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