A Brand New Blog Hop!

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Welcome to our Very First Farm Fresh Tuesday Blog Hop Post!

I am so excited to share this brand new Blog Hop with you all! I am one of the hosts, and we will be posting this every Tuesday! Feel free to share your in season gardening and homesteading posts with us and please feel free to share this blog hop where ever you like!

Your Farm Fresh Tuesday Blog Hop Hosts Are:

Lisa from The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

AnnMarie from 15 Acre Homestead

Shelle from Rockin W Homestead

And myself! I’m Tamara and I blog here at The Reid Homestead

Featured Farm Fresh Tuesday Blog Hop Posts:

Each week, each host will choose a favorite blog post that has been shared in the previous weeks blog hop to be featured! Since this is the very first week, we decided to share a blog post from each of us instead, so check them out!

From Lisa at The SelfSufficient Homeacre: Why Your Chickens Don’t Lay Eggs

From Annie at The 15 Acre Homestead: Marigolds: Their Care, Benefits and Uses

From Shelle at Rockin W Homestead: Heirloom vs Hybrid Seeds: What’s the Difference?

multiple images of berries with text overlay "how to freeze berries"

And a post from me! How to Freeze Berries: The Easiest Way to Preserve Them


  1. Kathi | 13th May 19

    Thank you for hosting, Tamara!

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