5 Things Friday: What are your Friday Favorites?

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Welcome back to 5 Things Friday 5/11/18! I hope you all had a great week!

 5 Things Friday

Every Friday I aim to post about 5 of my favorite things that week. I will try to post one thing for each of these categories: Homestead Garden, Homestead Critters, Homestead Kitchen, Homesteader Entertainment and Personal a thing from my Homesteader life. These may be handy gadgets, recipe’s, quotes or moments in time. I hope you will all share some of your Friday Favorites with me as well!

Homestead Gardening Favorite:

This week, my 5 Things Friday favorite gardening thing is finally being done with all of my tomato and pepper transplanting, and having sold most of them this past week. Whew! That was a lot of work and I’m glad it is done! I’ve also just posted a great little tutorial if you need some guidance on How to Transplant Tomato Seedlings.

Homestead Critters Favorite:

Come and see what my 5 favorite things are on the homestead every Friday! #5thingsfriday #homesteadfavorites #tgif
Hubby cuddling with Penny the piglet. I think he is in love! How could this photo NOT be on my Friday Favorites?!?! #love

This week, my 5 Things Friday favorite critter thing was a visit we had from my daughter’s BFF, of their new house piglet Penny. Isn’t she cute? Doesn’t my hubby look like he is just so smitten? I am thinking we may have a house pig of our own soon by the look on his face!!!

Homestead Kitchen Favorite:

My 5 Things Favorite Kitchen item thing this week is really NOT having to be in the kitchen much this week! DD is off at FFA State, and so it’s just me and hubby so I am taking it easy. We went out to dinner last night, and my oldest DD cooked dinner for us tonight!

Homesteader Entertainment Favorite:

My 5 Things Favorite entertainment thing this week…..hmmmmm. I can’t think of one. Still watching Survivor, The 100 and American Idol. Haven’t seen a movie or read a book. I did see a movie last week, and neglected to post my 5 Things Friday last week, so ok. That will do! I went with a girlfriend and saw Ready Player One and we both really enjoyed it!

Personal Homesteader Life Favorite:

My 5 Things Favorite personal favorite was that it seems we may really be getting high speed satellite internet via FIBER!!! They came out this week and measured and marked up the street!!! You have no idea how exciting this is!!! We have lived her for almost 17 yrs, and even though we have Microsoft and Amazon headquarters + Google offices in our neck of the woods, we are just rural enough to not have cable where we live. So this has been an ongoing struggle and we are so EXCITED!!! I still won’t believe it until they start digging the trench and actually pulling the fiber. Please cross your fingers for us!

As Always, Thanks for Stopping By!

Happy Friday to you and yours and I hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there! If you still need last minute gift ideas for your homesteading mom, please see Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Homesteading Moms post. my Please comment below and let me know of at least one thing you are thankful for on this Friday! And share what you have on the agenda this weekend! And please let me know if you have any homestead realted questions. I want to provide content that my readers find helpful, so it helps to get feedback from you all. I figure the 5 Things Friday is a good weekly place to get it. Have a great weekend!


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