5 Things Friday: What are your Friday Favorites?

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Join me for 5 Thing Friday! Every Friday I share 5 of my favorite homesteading things! The Reid Homestead

Welcome back to 5 Things Friday 3/9/18! I hope you all had a great week! Please comment with one of your favorite things that happened this week, or something that you are thankful for. 🙂 Every Friday I aim to post about 5 of my favorite things that week. I will try to post one thing for each of these categories: Homestead Garden, Homestead Critters, Homestead Kitchen, Homesteader Entertainment and Personal a thing from my Homesteader life. These may be handy gadgets, recipe’s, quotes or moments in time. I hope you will all share some of your Friday Favorites with me as well!

Homestead Gardening Favorite:

This week, my 5 Things Friday favorite gardening thing was the weather! It was beautiful all weekend thru Tuesday. I cleaned out a couple of chicken coops, started our Back to Eden mulching method under our apple trees, pruned the grapes and raspberries, planted fava beans and got some weeding done. You can see some of my progress in my March Homestead To Do List post. It was good to be outside working again!

Homestead Critters Favorite:

This week, my 5 Things Friday favorite critter thing, is this cute photo of our barn cat Otis. Otis lives in our goat shed and thinks he is a goat. They are his best friends, and he can often be seen sitting on a goat or cuddling next to one! He is a true feral cat rescue that we got from a local program called Barn Cats R US. They trap, neuter and return feral cats to a setting where they can do their good work keeping the rodent control at bay. Otis has never let us touch him, but he puts up with us doing chores around him. We love having him here and he does an excellent job for us. If you need a barn cat for your homestead, please see if their is a local feral cat rescue near you that follows the trap neuter release protocol. They do such good work!

5 Things Friday - Favorite Homestead Critter thing this week, our feral rescue barn cat Otis! The Reid Homestead

Homestead Kitchen Favorite:

My 5 Things Favorite Kitchen item thing this week was this new recipe we tried tonight for dinner. Dump and Bake, Chicken Caprese Pasta. I altered it quite a bit, since I am a vegetarian. Instead of chicken broth, I used Imagine No Chicken Vegetarian Broth instead of chicken broth which I always use instead of chicken broth, it’s my favorite! I also added extra veggies to the pasta dish including spinach, mushrooms and zucchini. Then I did panko crusted chicken on the side for the meat eaters with a ceasar salad. Dinner got lots of complements, so we will be repeating it for sure!

Homesteader Entertainment Favorite:

My 5 Things Favorite entertainment thing this week was the Red Sparrow movie with Jennifer Laurence. Hubby and I had a date last weekend and we both enjoyed the movie a lot. If you like a good spy thriller, this is a good one. However, there are some nitty gritty scenes in the sex and violence departments. But overall, we loved it and thought Jennifer Lawrence did a fantastic job in it.

Personal Homesteader Life Favorite:

My 5 Things Favorite personal favorite, is the fact that my youngest asked me why I didn’t have a picture of her on the blog yet?!?!? Gotta love that! Here she is showing her boer goat for FFA at fair. 🙂

5 Things Friday - Favorite Homesteader Life, my daughter showing her FFA Boer goat and wanting me to show her on the blog! The Reid Homestead

Happy Friday to you and yours! Please comment below and let me know at least one thing you are thankful for on this Friday! And have a great weekend!


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