5 Things Friday: What are your Friday Favorites?

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Welcome back to 5 Things Friday 3/30/18! I hope you all had a great week! Sorry for this late posting today, I have been fighting a sinus infection, and after a second night of no sleep at all due to all the coughing, I went in to urgent care this morning and got some drugs. So hopefully they kick in fast and I get back to normal quickly. Hope you and yours are all healthy…..seems everyone I know has got something going on right now. ANYWAY, please comment with one of your favorite things that happened this week, or something that you are thankful for. 🙂 Every Friday I aim to post about 5 of my favorite things that week. I will try to post one thing for each of these categories: Homestead Garden, Homestead Critters, Homestead Kitchen, Homesteader Entertainment and Personal a thing from my Homesteader life. These may be handy gadgets, recipe’s, quotes or moments in time. I hope you will all share some of your Friday Favorites with me as well!

Homestead Gardening Favorite:

This week, my 5 Things Friday favorite gardening thing was finally being done with planting all the peppers and tomatoes! My seed starting rack is full, almost to the point of overflowing! I got a late start on some of these, so I hope they will do ok this year. I still need to plant a bunch of annuals, but I think I will do that using the winter sowing method if I have enough energy this weekend.

My seed starting rack is full. Want to learn how to plant seeds successfully? Check out my Seed Starting 101 Series. The Reid Homestead
My seed starting rack is full. 348 tomato and pepper starts. Oy.

Homestead Critters Favorite:

This week, my 5 Things Friday favorite critter thing is our other Puggle Toby. Now that I’ve mentioned Figgy and Pi, I figure I better mention Toby, or he won’t be happy! Toby is 10 years old, and was supposed to be my puppy dog when my youngest started school. But nope. He didn’t choose me as his person. He chose everybody else first, than I will do if no one else is home. Stubborn boy he is. But he is still a cutie. Now you have met all of our indoor critters. Maybe when the weather is nicer, and I am not sick, I will feel like venturing outside and introducing you to the goats and our many flocks of chickens.

Toby the puggle house dog at The Reid Homestead
Toby the Puggle. I guess he thought he was a cat that day?

Homestead Kitchen Favorite:

My 5 Things Favorite Kitchen item thing this week is miso soup and chamomile tea. So soothing after all this coughing! What is your favorite tea when you are sick? I am normally a Twinings English Breakfast Tea drinker, with a little sugar and a lot of milk. I could drink it all day long, but I am trying to avoid caffeine while sick and not sleeping well already.

Homesteader Entertainment Favorite:

My 5 Things Favorite entertainment thing this week is this blog I follow called One Hundred Dollars a Month. Mavis Butterfield is quite the character, and little Puggle dog Lucy is pretty sweet too. Mavis and her family just moved from the Seattle area across country to New England, and I love following her and Lucy’s shenanigans. You should check her out as she is just getting ready to install a huge veggie garden!

Personal Homesteader Life Favorite:

My 5 Things Favorite personal favorite was signing up for some yoga classes at a new local hot yoga studio. I forgot how much I enjoy yoga, and despite being sick, I went to two classes this week. And. They. Were. AWESOME!!!!!

Happy Friday to you and yours and I hope you all have a Happy Easter! Please comment below and let me know of at least one thing you are thankful for on this Friday! And share what you have on the agenda this weekend! Hope it is a good one!


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