Which Pressure Canner Should You Get?

Which pressure canner should you get? If you are currently pondering this question, than you are in the right place. If you aren’t wondering which one to get, than either I hope you already have one, or, you should read my article 15 Reasons Why You Should Be Pressure Canning. Today I am going to compare two of the most popular models of pressure canners, the Presto 23 Quart and the All American 30 Quart. See all of my Food Preservation related posts here. Please check out all of our favorite Homesteading and Gardening tools in our Amazon Shop! Pressure Canning Hobby Pressure canning is a fun and productive hobby that is also very rewarding. And I don’t know about you, but a hobby that SAVES me money, instead of costing me money, is a big win in my book. Now, if you are thinking, I don’t know, pressure canning sounds scary. Trust me. It is not. However, I will be the first to admit, when I got mine for Christmas a few years ago, it sat in my closet because I was scared. Until the following August when I had beans to harvest. Then, after using it only a couple of times, I really could have kicked myself for not using it sooner. And then I bought myself a second one. Because really, if you are going to run one of them, why not run two? Get the Biggest Pressure Canner You Can Afford OK, now onto my tips about buying a pressure canner. For the same reason I bought myself a second pressure canner, I will recommend getting the biggest pressure canner you can afford. If you are going to go thru the process of running a pressure canner, don’t…


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