15 Reasons Why You Should Be Pressure Canning

follow my blog with Bloglovin Today, I am going to share with you 15 reasons why you should be pressure canning. Many folks are frightened by pressure canners, but they really shouldn’t be. They are easy to use, and if used correctly, there is nothing to be scared of. You might also be interested in my article Which Pressure Canner Should You Get? where I compare two of the most popular models, the 23 Quart Presto and the 30 Quart All American. Please check out my other articles on Food Preservation! And also check out our favorite Homesteading and Gardening tools in our Amazon Shop!   Educating Yourself on How to Safely Use a Pressure Canner If you are interested in getting a pressure canner, please treat yourself to this book: The All New Ball Book of Home Canning and Preserving: Over 350 of the Best Canned, Jammed, Pickled and Preserved Recipes. This is a link to the latest edition, which came out in May of 2016. It is best to own a copy, because you will refer to it again and again and again. Mine has many notes and bookmarks on favorite recipes and I am sure yours will too. Please do not use older editions, as many aspects of canning have changed over the years, and things that may have been deemed safe years ago, may no longer be considered safe. Same goes for how your mom or grandma canned. Things they did back in the day, may not be safe methods to follow now. Please always follow safe canning practices for the sake of your family and friends who may partake in your canned goods.Once you have your hands on this book, think of it as your in house canning guide. Read it from…


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