How to Keep Your Seed Stash Organized

Today I am sharing with you how to keep your seed stash organized. If 2019 is your year to get organized, declutter, move toward a minimalist lifestyle, you need this if you are a gardener. It took me many years to finally find this system that actually works! I forget who shared this idea, but I know I first saw it on Instagram. I’d love to have you follow me on Instagram here if you aren’t already! If you need to shop for a loved one who is a gardener, check out my Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners! Or heck, check our all are Homesteading and Gardening Favorites in our Amazon Shop! Also check out my¬†Essential Seed Starting Equipment article, part of my Seed Starting 101 Series. It’s almost time to get those seeds planted! Don’t wait too long and find out your missing a crucial piece of equipment! Photo Storage Boxes to Organize your Seed Stash How simple is this?!?!? And why did we all not think of this ourselves? Some genius out there realized how perfectly photo storage boxes work for seeds. It’s like they were made to store seeds! They fit just right, snap closed, you can see through them so you know what is in each. It’s perfect really. And simple! Genius. My bags and boxes and bins of seeds are finally all neat and tidy.   Different Ways to Sort Your Seed Collection Yes, I have 3 cases of photo boxes for these 3 different categories. With just a few spare boxes in each case. Depending on your seed stash, you may need more or less. If you are like me though, go big! You will always have more seeds coming in…


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