May Homestead To Do List

May is Plant All The Things Month! I keep thinking I am getting ahead of the planting, but I realized this week that I am not! I still have so much to plant, and have been so busy planting, that I completely forgot to do my monthly May Homestead To Do List post earlier this month. So here it is, better late than never! Please keep in mind, I live near Seattle in the Pacific Northwest, and this list is my personal to do list. Your list may need to be slightly altered depending on where you live and your homestead needs. Please check out all of our favorite Homesteading and Gardening tools in our Amazon Shop! May Homestead To Do List for Gardening: What am I planting, you might ask. Some of these may have been planted last month, but can be sowed again this month as well. This list includes things that I am direct seeding and some that I have started either via winter sowing or in typical plant flats. See what I planted this year using the Winter Sowing Method. I have also purchased some too. Be wary of night time temperatures. When they are safely above 50 degrees, heat loving plants such as tomatoes and peppers are safe to be planted outdoors. Don’t forget to harden off your starts first! Here is my list for this month: Veggies: This first group should really already be in. But if they are not, go ahead and plant asap, and next year, try to get them in earlier! All veggies in the first two groups, are known as cold season crops: Onions (from starts only, not by seed) Peas Potatoes (if planting this late, go with a short season type such as Yukon Gold) Brassicas if…


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