Simple Easy No Work DIY Composting

I am so happy to share with you today, my Simple Easy No Work DIY Composting method. This is the very same system I have been using for several years and it has been working great for me. Before using this system, the composting just wasn’t happening, because I was not turning the pile enough. This system involves no turning of the pile, that is why it is so easy! Once you get the hang of it, you will always have loads of compost at the ready. Please check out all of our favorite Homesteading and Gardening tools in our Amazon Shop! Equipment Needed A heavy duty plastic garbage can with lid, drill, 1/4″ drill bit and bungee cord. Or three garbage cans. I have 3. I filled the first one up so fast, I bought another. And then another. And three seems to be the right number for me. By the time the 3rd one is full, the first one is almost ready to be used. But you do you. Start with one and see how it goes! DIY Composting Container With the drill, poke lots of holes all over the garbage can. Including the bottom and the lid. Aproximately 8″-10″ apart. Set the can down directly on the earth. Do not set it on anything but the actual ground, you will see why later. Don’t put it up on your deck, or prop it up on some platform. You want the bottom of the bin resting on good ol’ dirt. The “Greens” for Your Compost Collect kitchen scraps such as vegetable and fruit trimmings, egg shells, coffee grounds and tea bags. For quicker composting, cut things up smaller, or, even blend them. I keep a 5…


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