My 2018 Winter Sowing Results are In!!

Today I am going to share my 2018 Winter Sowing Results! I was pretty hot here in the high 70’s yesterday, so I decided it was the day to open all my milk jug greenhouses that I had winter sown back in February and March. It felt like Christmas opening up all the mini greenhouses! Yay!! Did you Winter Sow this year? If so, please share with us what you grew and how it worked out for you! I have had success every year with this process. Please read my Seed Starting 101: Winter Sowing article if you would like to join in the fun next winter! Winter Sowing Flowers :Snap Dragons and Zinnias Snapdragons on the left, and Zinnias on the right. I grew three varieties of Snap Dragon: Black Prince, Tall Deluxe Mix and Apple Blossoms. I grew five varieties of Zinnia: State Fair, Benary’s Giant Purple, Red Scarlet, Lilliput Mix and California Giant. This year I want to add more flowers to my vegetable garden to give it more of a potager’s garden feel. Can’t wait to see these all in bloom! Winter Sowing Flowers: Marigolds I always grow some marigolds for the vegetable garden, and now collect my own seed from them every year to plant next years flowers from. I grow three varieties every year and they are Star Fire Signet, Court Jester and Giant Mix. These are wonderful for the vegetable garden because they keep pests away. They also happily reseed there on their own, so I will probably find some volunteer’s as well. Winter Sowing Flowers: Phlox   Phlox is one of my very favorite flowers. I love all the varieties it comes in and the scent is awesome. This year I used…


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