How to Plant Onion Seedlings

This article will teach you how to plant onion seedlings for a healthy robust onion harvest in late summer. To learn how to grow your own onion seedlings, please see my How to Plant Onion Seed article from my Seed Starting 101 Series. In that article I discuss the pros and cons of planting onions by seed or by sets, and talk about different onion varieties you can choose to grow.  If you have any other questions after reading, please feel free to comment below! Please check out all of our favorite Homesteading and Gardening tools in our Amazon Shop! When and Where to Plant Onion Seedlings Onions are a cold hardy crop, so they can be planted much earlier than your warm season crops. Here in the PNW, I like to get mine planted in early April. Make sure that your soil is workable and not too wet by doing the squeeze test. Grab a bit of soil in your hand and squeeze. If the soil stays in a muddy ball when poke, then the soil is too wet. If it crumbles and falls apart when poked, you are good to go. Planting seedlings in soil that is too wet, will cause them to rot. When determining where to plant your onions, choose a sunny location with loose, well draining soil. Remove any weeds from the area prior to planting. Please don’t use commercial weed killer, you really don’t want that stuff anywhere near you or your food! Fertilizing the Onion Seedlings If you are new to gardening or starting a new garden, it is probably a good idea to test your soil to see where it is lacking in nutrients. I follow a no till method in my garden, so all supplements and organic…


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