April Homestead To Do List

April Showers Bring May Flowers! We have a few flowers blooming right now, and lots and lots of showers. I have been sick, so I am going a bit stir crazy and not much is getting done. I am just itching to get outside and get started on our spring to do list! It is miles and miles long. Here are a few of our pretty blooms right now: April Homestead To Do List for Gardening: As always, our to do list is ginormous. Especially in the spring. Let’s start with our little seedlings. I have 8 trays (36 plants each…..gulp) of peppers and tomatoes, that need transplanting, or up potting into larger pots. A lot of those will be sold at the end of the month. But for the ones I am keeping, I have to wash and sanitize 100+ large pots to prepare for their final transplant. The greenhouse also needs a final cleaning before I move everything out there later this month. There is still quite a bit of veggie garden winter clean up to do and a few more kale and broccoli transplants to put in since the rabbits nibbled down the one’s I planted previously. I sprayed the rest with deer and rabbit spray, and they seem to be leaving it alone now. We may also have to replant more peas, at last look, I didn’t see any coming up yet. The fava beans and kohlrabi and some swiss chard I planted by seed has all germinated.  I need to put a bunch of compost down and need to plant my beets and carrots and transplant all my onion starts. And start some lettuce and spinach. And put more mulch down in lots of place. Egads, that…


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