5 Things Friday – 4/6/18

Welcome back to 5 Things Friday 4/6/18! I hope you all had a great week! Every Friday I aim to post about 5 of my favorite things that week. I will try to post one thing for each of these categories: Homestead Garden, Homestead Critters, Homestead Kitchen, Homesteader Entertainment and Personal a thing from my Homesteader life. These may be handy gadgets, recipe’s, quotes or moments in time. I hope you will all share some of your Friday Favorites with me as well! Homestead Gardening Favorite: This week, my 5 Things Friday favorite gardening thing is this Cobra Head gardening tool. It is hands down my most favorite garden tool. It gets out those big weeds so easily, and turn it on its side, and scape the hook along the top of the soil, and it pulls out all those newly germinated weeds. Use the hook to dig your small holes for transplanting small plants. So easy to use, it is my go to tool when doing garden bed clean up. It will certainly be getting a lot of use this month as I tackle my April To Do List on the homestead. Homestead Critters Favorite:   This week, my 5 Things Friday favorite critter thing is our very small remaining flock of Blue Laced Red Wyandotte’s. We are down to just a trio for breeding. Last year raccoon’s got in several of our coops and took out a lot of our birds. We will be working on building this flock back up for sure. Wyandotte’s are a great breed for families to start with and they are the perfect bird for a homestead. They are docile, relatively quiet and dual purpose, which means they are great egg layers but…


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