Seed Starting 101: Planting Tomato Seed

Choosing Varieties to Plant Are you planting tomato seed this year? I will teach you how I grow many varieties of tomatoes from seed in this article. Have you decided which tomato varieties you will be growing this year? There are so many varieties, I think that is the hardest part of planting tomato seed! Just trying to decide! When you are deciding, think about how you will use them. I like to make a lot of tomato sauce to can up and keep in the pantry and I also like to freeze a bunch. I also love to eat them fresh. And I love to try new varieties as well as stick with the old that have worked well for me or taste the best. Below I have listed out which cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes and roma or paste tomatoes I will be growing this year.  Breaking them down into these three categories makes it a wee bit less intimidating! Cherry Tomatoes Past favorites that I have grown before and will grow again this year: Sungold: This is my favorite, and I think that goes for many people. A small orange cherry that is super sweet. Like candy! Yellow Pear: This is another favorite that I grow every year, not only for the color (I like lots of different colors, I would never plant all red tomatoes!), but it is also super sweet and it is fun to have a different shape as well. Blush: I grew this for the first time last year, and it was a quick favorite. The fruits are oblong in shape, almost like a mini paste tomato and they are a bit larger than most cherries. They are yellow, and as they ripen they get red and orange streaks down them. They have a…


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