March Homestead To Do List

So much to do in March! Our March Homestead “To Do” list here at The Reid Homestead is getting pretty long. It has been dry and warm outside for the last 3 days, and that means work needs to get done. Here in the PNW, a dry day is rare and today the sky is the prettiest shade of blue, the sun is out again, and it is supposed to be about 50 degrees! I had intended to work all day today on the blog, but woke up to sheer beauty outside. So. Yeah. I have got to get myself outside to get stuff done! But I snapped a few photo’s, and thought I would share with you a glimpse, or a little tour, around the homestead here, and share my March Homestead to do list with you all. Maybe it will help me stay on track! Please check out all of our favorite Homesteading and Gardening tools in our Amazon Shop! March Homestead To Do List for Gardening:   So many things, not quite sure where to start! Lets go over the state of the seed starting. I still need to start my own tomato seeds, write up an advertisement for tomato & pepper seeds to sell, and take orders for those. If you need tips on starting your own seed indoors, check out my Seed Starting 101 Series. I have more Winter Sowing to do, mostly annuals at this point. Maybe a few perennials. Outside, I need to plant my peas and fava beans right away. By the end of the month I would like to have planted by seed, greens, carrots, beets, radishes. I planted potatoes last fall when I harvested, but haven’t done that before, so need to check on…


Sharing is Caring! Thank you!