Seed Starting 101: Planting Pepper Seed

Are you planting pepper seed this year? I am behind, but better late than never! It’s not too late, if you haven’t planted yours yet! I don’t really like hot peppers, so I don’t do a lot of them. If you like hot peppers, they really should have been planted by now for a larger yield. Usually February is when I get my sweet peppers planted, and I was busy last weekend planting pepper seed, so I got it done just in time! Hot Peppers Usually I only do a few, and the milder one’s at that, like Anaheim Chili’s and Jalapenos. These are what I will be growing this year: Jalapenos: Spicy little peppers perfect for a little heat in your salsa or any dishes you like a little heat. We also like to make Cowboy Candy with them, which is a pickled jalapeno in a sweet sauce. So good! Anaheim Chili’s: These are mildly hot, I don’t even think they are hot if picked when green, but let them turn red on the vine, and they are much hotter! I like these in all types of Mexican dishes. Black Hungarian: I grew some of these for a customer who bought starts from me last year, but I didn’t keep any for myself. I plan to keep a couple this year! These are also mildly hot and are black in color. Mini Sweet Peppers Bangles Mix: These are great little peppers perfect for the lunch box or for snacking and come in red, orange or chocolate color. Red Mini Bells: More sweet little snacking peppers, cause you can never have too many! Medium Sweet Peppers Oda Peppers:  These are the most…


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