Tips on How to Prune Apple Trees on the Homestead

Tools to Use when You Prune Apple Trees These two tools are recommended by mastor arborist Paul Gautschi, who I talk about below. This Samurai Japanese pruning saw cuts through the branches like butter. And these Felco F-8 pruners, are excellent. Paul has used his pruners for so long, the red plastic layer on the handles has worn off to the blue beneath. I really like how they came with an extra blade as well. Do NOT use loppers. They are not the best tool for pruning. Where I Learned How to Prune Apple Trees Thankfully, I watched the Back to Eden gardening film online a few years ago. The film is a documentary, featuring Paul Gautschi, a master arborist. Not only does he share his famous no-till method of gardening with wood chips, but he also opens up his garden once a week in the summers for tours. He also opens up it up for pruning lessons in the winter and teaches people how to prune apple trees. I have on my bucket list to get over there and see his work first hand, as he is also in the Pacific NW. Thankfully, many folks have video taped his tours and lessons, and they are available on YouTube to watch.   How to Prune an Apple Tree Video with Paul Gautshi Tutorial from YouTube Thank you to L2Survive for allowing me to share this video.  Please check out his You Tube Channel here at L2Survive Several years ago, I came across a video of Paul Gautschi giving a lesson on how to prune apple trees on YouTube, and it all began to click for me. I’ve watched him every year before I begin pruning, to remind me of what the trees are supposed to look…


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