Seed Starting 101: Winter Sowing

What is Winter Sowing? Winter Sowing is using plastic milk jugs or other plastic containers, and using them as mini-greenhouses outside in the middle of winter, to sow your seeds. I first read about Winter Sowing, here on Kevin Jacob’s A Garden for the House blog.  I have been doing this now for the last 5 years or so, and it has worked so well for me, that I wanted to share this Winter Sowing tutorial in hopes that it works for you too. Because it is SOOOOO EASY!!!!! Sow those seeds, and then forget about them for a few month! Seriously. That is all. Related posts you may be interested in: 2018 Winter Sowing Results How to Grow Lavender from Seed using the Winter Sowing Method Seed Starting 101: Essential Seed Starting Equipment post How to Make Money Growing Plants at Home Our Homesteading and Gardening favorites in our Amazon Shop! Winter Gardening Another reason I love winter sowing, is it allows me to get back into my gardening groove before the weather truly lets me. I don’t know about you, but after the holidays are over, I start getting the gardening itch. Winter sowing allows me to actually begin gardening in the winter, but without really dealing with the nastiness of winter. I plant the seeds indoors, and then just pop them outside and let nature to the rest. Frugal Seed Starting in Winter Winter Sowing is also a much more frugal way to start seeds. No need to buy all that seed starting equipment such as heat mats, grow lights, plant trays, etc. Just save your used milk jugs, and then the only thing you need to acquire is the potting soil to grow in, and the seeds! And duct tape. &nbsp…


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