Seed Starting 101: Winter Sowing

What is Winter Sowing? Winter Sowing is using plastic milk jugs or other plastic containers, and using them as mini-greenhouses outside in the middle of winter, to sow your seeds. I first read about Winter Sowing, here on Kevin Jacob’s blog.  I have been doing this now for the last 5 years or so, and it has worked so well for me, that I wanted to share the idea in hopes that it works for you too. Because it is SOOOOO EASY!!!!! Sow those seeds, and then forget about them for a few month! Seriously. That is all. To see how I also start seeds the traditional way, using all sorts of equipment indoors, please see my Essential Seed Starting Equipment post. Winter Sowing Containers or Mini Greenhouses for Winter Sowing: I like to use milk jugs for my winter sowing containers. To prepare them, first, poke a bunch of holes in the bottom for drainage,  and a few holes around the top for extra air circulation.  I use a Phillips head screwdriver that I heat up over a gas burner, than just poke it thru the plastic a bunch of times. Then you cut the milk jug almost all the way around about 4″ up from the bottom, but leaving an inch or so intact opposite from the handle, as a hinge. So that you can lift the upper part of the jug open. I use an X-acto knife to do this. How to Plant your Winter Sowing Jugs: Fill the bottom part of the jug with 3″ of damp potting soil. I use the same kind of potting soil I talk about in my Seed Starting Equipment post.  Have some duct tape or similar tape on hand, that you will need to…


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